Precision Plastics & Metal Machining

Our capabilities include machining of a wide range of thermoplastics, metals, castings, or molded parts. We can machine or rework injection molded or vacuum formed parts. We also offer in-house tooling design and manufacture.

Our experienced machinists, working on our precision equipment can produce your high-grade plastic and metal parts while holding extremely tight tolerances and conforming to all your requirements. Our emphasis on quality & process control ensures the highest standard of quality for your parts!

The manufacturing process for each project and part is carefully considered by our engineers and machinists who utilize the best possible methods and technology — whether it involves using advanced precision instrumentation or just established good manufacturing practices.

Our motivated and flexible engineers and technicians work one-on-one with clients to make certain the end product is delivered to the client's complete satisfaction.


We can hold extremely tight tolerances — on plastic or metal parts machined manually or on CNC equipment.

We accept most CAD file formats. We use industry standard software for full 3D Modeling, surfaces and solids.